Candle warmers or wax warmers are devices designed for effective scent distribution in a space. They spread the scent without using an open flame. These devices have a heat source and hold the wax on the top for melting. The wax melts used for these devices are usually pre-portioned scented wax that has a low boiling point.

There are many benefits of using wax warmers instead of burning candles. Explore the different ways these devices can benefit everyone.


Wax warmers or candle warmers have become increasingly popular due to the numerous benefits they offer. They have become so popular that the demand for wholesale wax warmers has increased significantly over the past few years. Some of the main reasons people prefer these devices over burning candles are as follows:

Lack of Flame

A wax warmer features a wax burner that heats the wax melts. There is no flame and this helps improve safety in your home. Electric wax warmers are widely used because they are safer in homes with kids and pets.

A lack of flame further means that your wax warmer will not emit any soot. Soot is a by-product of a burning candle. You will not have to worry about soot staining or discoloring your furniture and other surfaces. Besides, soot can also affect your health, creating respiratory problems.

More Burn Time

Wax melts have a longer burn time than candles and there are many factors that can affect this. The main factors include:

  • Wax type
  • Candle/wax melt size
  • Flash point
  • Concentration of fragrance oil

Generally, users prefer candle warmers over candles because of their long burn time.

Cost Savings

Wax melts are affordable and using wax warmers is a cost-effective alternative to burning candles. The burn time and the price of wax melts increase your savings. The more often use them to enhance your home’s fragrance, the more savings you will be making.

Wax melts are made using lesser materials as compared to candles. This helps lower their costs.


Wax warmers are more convenient to use than candles. You can use them in your home, office, or dorm without any restrictions since no flame is involved. There is no need for matches or a lighter. So, you can use them almost anywhere with an electrical outlet. The compact size of wax melts further adds to the convenience factor.

A candle warmer is a set-and-forget solution for your fragrance needs. You will not have to worry about a flame that may get left unattended. You can break the wax melts and use only as much as required. Wax warmers also make excellent gift options.

Environment Friendly

Using wax warmers is also an environment-friendly alternative. Wax melts are usually made of soy wax. Thus, you will not be using wax produced from fossil fuels. Besides, it is up to you to decide what type of wax melt to use. Once the wax has melted, no residue is left.

Thus, there are many reasons for choosing wax warmers, whether for use in your home or place of business. They are safe in a number of ways, are highly effective in spreading fragrance, and are easier to use.


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