Having a good sense of style related to fashion is essential because it enables maintaining a good appearance in different seasons. This results in an individual knowing the ideal and correct clothing to wear and look good at all times.

The winter season is identified with cold, while the summer is identified with heat. During the winter, everybody prioritizes warmth, while in the summer, everyone prioritizes staying cool. In the summer, to stay calm, most subscribe to wearing casual outfits but still feel the heat of the hot day.

A common argument has been what casual style is best for the summer; short sleeves or sleeveless.  This article provides details on what casual style is best for the summer season to help you choose the correct casual outfits in preparation for the hot summer days.

Short Sleeves Vs. Sleeveless: Criteria For Every Summer Clothing

During the summer season, there are specific factors that all clothing must have that make them suitable to be worn on hot summer days. These criteria are:

  1. Light: This means that the material used in making the clothing should be light. Light materials allow body heat to easily escape into the atmosphere at a similar rate in which air from the environment comes in.
  2. Loose: In the summer season, it is not ideal for wearing extra tight clothing. This is because it reduces the rate at which body heat leaves the body, and it is worsened by the air from the environment that comes into the body. Loose clothing is classified as breathable clothing because it makes it easy for Jody to breathe, and the body needs to breathe to stay calm.
  3. Color: Since colors are affected by heat, dull colors are highly heated conductive, while light colors conduct less heat. Hence, the clothing should be from lighter colors like yellow, blue, and more in the summer.

For a better conclusion on the best casual style for the summer season, it is essential to compare short sleeves and sleeveless casual outfits by looking at the benefits of short sleeves in the summer season, the benefits of sleeveless in the summer season, the demerits if sleeveless in the summer season, and the demerits of short sleeves in the summer season.

Sleeveless Casual Outfits

On hot days, the more skin exposed, the easier it is to breathe and stay cool. This is achieved by wearing sleeveless clothing. Sleeveless casual clothes like tank tops expose more body parts where heat can easily escape, like armpits. However, its disadvantage is that the chances of getting sin burned are increased with sleeveless. This can be remedied by taking precautions like sun cream that protects the skin from sunburn.

Short Sleeves

Unlike long sleeves, short sleeves expose more skin, but not like sleeveless outfits. Provided the short sleeves clothing meets all the above criteria; this casual outfit can be tested during summer seasons.


The choice of which casual style is best for the summer season is dependent on the individual. However, with the details provided above, you get to enjoy your summer with the best casual clothing styles.


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