Straws are a great addition to your drinking spree, especially when using bottomless glasses and bottles. Straws don’t have to be plain and boring. Gone are the days when they appeared straight and in one neutral color, as they are more vibrant now. If you browse stores like Alibaba, you will realize that today’s straws are wavy, slightly curled, or have a straw topper. In fact, you can buy various styles for personal use or otherwise, or pick a single option that excites you. This article shows the different materials used to make classy straw toppers.

Materials used to make classy straw toppers

Have you been thinking of buying straw toppers? Sometimes rather than leaving your drink unattended, having a straw topper secures it from interference. It is good to consider the material of the straw topper before spending money on it. The most familiar material is plastic, but some, like silicon, metal, glass, and bamboo, are still lovely.

Silicone straw toppers

These straw toppers are a great deal, and many stores like Alibaba stock them in plenty. They are long-lasting and durable, so a couple of them can last a long time. Additionally, they have good flexibility and function well in every straw. Unlike plastic, silicone toppers are resistant to temperature. So, they are perfect for use in hot and cold drinks.

Glass straw toppers

They may be rare, but they are a beautiful type. They look classy and bold, but some are delicate and must be handled carefully. Some glass straw stoppers are better quality than others, so you may want to consider that before purchasing. The low-quality is thin and easily breakable, while the high-quality is more sustainable. Glass straw toppers are perfect for high-class gatherings as their transparent nature exudes elegance.

Metal straw toppers

Some people don’t believe in metal straws and metal straw toppers, but they are as good as your metal utensils. The suitable metal straw toppers function like silicone and come in several colors. It’s possible to tote them around, but they are impossible to bend, unlike other toppers. A significant downside of metal straw toppers is their temperature sensitivity. They become hot in hot liquids and cold in cold drinks.

Bamboo straw toppers

These straw toppers are among the most common. You will find them in pubs and clubs, but they are also pretty decent for home use. They are literal bamboo stalks, cut down and made for the liquid not to go through. Just like bamboo straws, these toppers are the best you can have. They are then polished to have a shiny appearance and are easily reusable but need proper maintenance.

Final words

Avoid buying straw tops without considering the ideal material for your need. Some can work in every area, but others, like metal, have limitations. Also, consider a straw type that will blend well with the topper you want. That will help you avoid inconveniences that can show up. Some suppliers are open to customization, which is excellent, and you get precisely what you prefer.


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